Looking For Henderson NV Apartments For Rent? Should You Have A Roommate?

If you are looking for henderson nv apartments for rent on your own, you are likely considering whether or not you should have a roommate. This is a decision that many renters have to make in the process of trying to find a place to live.

You might choose to live alone, and if you can comfortably afford it, it certainly has its advantages. You don’t have anyone else messing up a tight space, there’s no mismatch in sleeping schedules and noise issues, and you can bring company ever anytime you want and have privacy.

The downside is certainly the cost involved. Where there are 1-bedroom and studio apartments out there, for the rent per square foot, they are nowhere near as economical as splitting a 2-bedroom or better unit with others.


If you do choose to have a roommate, then you either have to choose one before picking an apartment and find one together, or you have to pick an apartment and add someone to that lease later. If you are in a time crunch, or have a potential roommate that is not free to move yet, then you might have to solo the apartment for a while on your own before you have someone to live with.

Pros to having a roommate start with the bills, as your utilities and rent are all cut in half. You also have company around if you like being social and get along great with them. On the other hand, if their work schedule and lifestyle differ from yours, you might not even see them all that much. If you take a disliking to them, you may even have to suffer out the remainder of your lease in silence.

If you want to try and save the most possible money, find a couple or even two to live with. Squeezing three, four, or five people into a three-bedroom apartment can get a little cozy, but it sure makes the rent and bills get cut into small slices. Regardless of how many roommates or bedrooms you have, pay close attention to how many bathrooms there are though. This can be a real sticking point and sore spot in your daily interactions with someone you live with, be it in Henderson NV apartments for rent or any living circumstances anywhere else in the world.